This week we have started our new engineering unit Don't Let the Cookie Crumble: Package Engineering. We brainstormed what a package engineer does. They had some amazing ideas. Then we watched two videos about package 1v deo 2
Today in engineering we got to practice thinking like package engineers. We looked at the driving question and brainstormed some ideas.

external image packaging.jpg

Then we introduced the functions of a package.
external image functions+of+a+package.jpg

As a group we worked to analyze a sports water bottle with a pop top and grip. We had to analyze the qualities or characteristics of the package and identify how they make the bottle a good match for the product and the consumers. We filled in a Analyze a Package Chart to complete this task.
external image analyze1.png

Then we discussed how each of the functions of packages is shown with the water bottle. But we talked about how this is not always true with all packages.
They worked with groups to analyze another package. Each group was given a package. They had to examine their item and then make a an Analyze a Package sheet for their package.








Then they were given all of the other optional materials for their design. They looked at the properties of the materials and then applied those properties to how it will function in the package design.




Today in engineering we created our cookie packaging. They had to purchase their supplies and the cost of their packages determines a score on their rubric.
After building we watched a video showing what packages go through when they are shipped. Then we put our cookie packages through similar tests. We then analyzed how our packages did using the rubric. We discussed what worked well and what didn't so we can gather information for our improve stage.

Then we discussed what was source reduction and why it is an important part of the job for a package engineer.
external image build1.2.jpg

Today was the 2nd build day for our package engineering project. We analyzed our cookie from the first build using the rubrics we created. Then we decided on the final score for build 1 using the package rubric. After that we walked around and looked at other groups ideas. Then they redesigned their package.