Alternatives to Said

In most dialogue the author tells you who is talking. Ex. "I am hungry!" said the girl. We can see the girl is talking. But when authors want to make the story more interesting or give us clues to infer character traits they use said alternatives. Ex. "I am hungry!" screamed the girl. Now we can see the girl is hungry and upset. Look at the list of said alternatives on the Said is Dead page you will get from the teacher. Take a picture and put it in your reading Evernote Notebook.

Watch the slide show to help with said alternatives. slide show


You can pick any book. You will look through the book and find said alternatives. They will need to record the said alternative on a post-it. Then they will need to infer how the character is feeling from the said alternative. They will need to write it next to the post-it. They will make a poster of their work using a large white piece of paper. If you need help look at the example below.