You will be given an animal and you will research about the animal's habitat. You will then build a habitat that will meet the needs of your animal. You will take a take a picture of your habitat and then create a Thinglink telling others what is important to your animal's survival in your habitat.

You are going to learn about animals in class and using the activities below. You will then use Mackinvia to research your animal's needs in their habitats. You will fill in the information on the research page. (habitats, physical and behavioral adaptations, life cycle, migration, hibernation, and food chains) You will need to plan how each of these needs will be met in the habitat you create. You will need to draw a plan and then write sentences explaining how each of these areas are covered in your habitat. You will make your presentation in Thinglink. You can use pages to write your proof that you created a habitat that meets your animal's needs.

Migration Web Site



Life Cycle


Food Chain


You will be evaluated on your presentation using the following rubric. The rubric will assess your research packet, habitat, and Thinglink presentation.

Research page

Some evidence of research on your page
but only half completed
Evidence of research on your page
but some misconceptions present in your
Research page is completed and
research is correct.


Your habitat is only half done
Your habitat is complete but it does not meet the needs of your animal
Your habitat is complete and the needs of your animal are met.

Quality of Presention

Your presentation has some misspelled words and some incorrect grammar.
Your presentation has very little spelling or grammar mistakes.
Your presentation has no misspelled words or grammatical errors.

Congratulations! I can't wait to see your habitats.