Arriving at Plymouth

The Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth in December in the year 1620. Find out what it was like as they came ashore in a new land and discover what challenges they faced when they arrived.

1. Watch the videos about the Pilgrim houses and the winter in their new land:
Houses for the Pilgrims

Winters in New England

2. Read a letter written by the pilgrims describing their hardships that first winter.

3. Make a multiflow map in popplet with the main event being the hard first winter in the new land. Add your multiflow map to your Thanksgiving note in Evernote.

4. Read the following from If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620. Read pages 52, 53 and 54 and talk about it as a group.

5. Watch the video:
Daily Life

6. Next, draw a picture of Squanto and write two sentences about how he helped the Pilgrims . You may use any app you would like. Then save your picture and sentences to your Thanksgiving note in Evernote.

7. When you are finished with these activities, go to The Daily Life of a Pilgrim.