Categorize Questions Types

Now that we know how to sort questions into answered and unanswered we are going to work on how to answer both types of questions.

Answered Questions have two types. Right There where the answer is in one singe sentence in the story or Think and Search where the answer is in the book but you have to look at many pages or the whole book to find the answer. Examples of this type of question are: explaining, comparing and contrasting, cause and effect, and examples.

Unanswered Questions also have two types. Author and You where you use all the clues the author gives you to make an inference about the answer or On Your Own where you use your own schema to make the inference about the answer.

For practice come and get your last assignment and look at the questions you sorted. Write on the bottom of the stickies which type of question it is. Discuss this with your partner. If you need help look at the example.
photo 3.JPG
To show you are an expert you and your partner will take a copy of a Nate the Great book. You will read the story. Then you will get the t-chart and questions for the story from the teacher. First you will sort the questions into answered and unanswered. Then you will look at the answered section and decide if they are Right There questions or Think and Search. You will label the bottom of the box with what type of question it is. Then you will look at the unanswered questions. You will discuss and decide if they are an On You Own or Author and You and record on the bottom of the box.