Dialogue and Character Traits

Dialogue is what a character says and how they say it. You can infer how a character is feeling by what and how they talk in the book. For example if Mr. Putter yelled "Stop" to Zeke as Zeke gets them wrapped around a tree while on a walk. I can guess that he is getting mad because he is yelling.

You and your partner are going to practice using dialogue to help you infer character traits. You will both need to complete the Inferring Character Traits from a Character's Dialogue page. You will get the page from the teacher. You can work together but you both must turn in a page. If you need help look at the example below.


Inferred Character Trait

"Oh my," said Mrs. Teaberry when she

walked in her house and most of her stuff was missing.

I can infer that she is surprised and shocked by the