Historical Figures


We will create a class ibook to inform others about historical figures in history.


You will pick a historical figure. Each person will be responsible for a chapter in the class book Important Historical Figures. You will spend time researching their lives using library books and on-line research. You will then pretend you are the historical figure and tell us about yourself and why you are important to history in a movie. You will need to include what you did that was historically important and how did it effected history. You will then fill in a script you can get from your teacher using the information you researched. You will need to create a costume that makes you look like the character. When you are ready you will create a movie about your historical figure using i-movie. This will become the first page in the chapter you are responsible for. You will also need to find a couple of pictures of the historical figure for your project. You will create captions that tell other facts or interesting details about your person. This will be the 2nd page in the chapter you are responsible for. When you are done with your chapter in the book you will find and discuss with other people their historical figures and find a couple of other historical figures that have something in common with your historical figure. You will then form a group and you will create an imovie trailer for the introduction of the class book telling what these historical figures have in common.


1. You will pick a historical figure from the list below.

Florence Nightingale
Paul Revere
Thomas Edison
Benjamin Franklin
Alexander Graham Bell
Susan B. Anthony
George Washington Carver
Clara Barton
Amelia Earhart
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Harriet Tubman
Robert Fulton
Sojourner Truth
Rosa Parks
Eleanor Roosevelt
Wright Brothers
Teddy Roosevelt
Thurgood Marshall
Charles Lindbergh

2. You will research the historical figure using library books or on-line resources listed below. You will need to make sure you find what year they are born, where they lived, what they did to influence history and how it changed history.


3. You will need to write a script that you will perform to inform the parents about your figure.

4. You will need to bring or make a costume that makes you look like the historical figure.

5. You will need to practice your script and be ready to record your video. You can look at some from last year to give you ideas.
Individual historical figures movies

6. You need to find picture of your person and then write captions for them.

7. Create your chapter using ibook

8. Make your trailer with a group. You can look at some from last year to give you ideas.
historical figures trailers


To see our ibook for historical figures you will need to have ibooks downloaded on your ipad. Click the following link and then choose open in ibooks. Enjoy!!!!