Place Value Under 100 Project

Mrs. Beruman needs our help. Recently she was reading the book The Library books.jpegto a class. As she was reading she started to wonder what would happen if her library started to look like the character's house. It was then that she decided she wanted to organize the library so she knows how many books she has. Mrs. Beruman is so busy she has asked us to help her with this task. We will help her count her books so she can keep the library organized. We don't want it to look like the house in the book. images (1).jpegWe will use place value to help Mrs. Beruman with her task. We will count the books and then present Mrs. Beruman with a 30hands presentation of how many books are in a section of the library. We don't know how Mrs. Beruman wants to organize this data so we will present it to her in many ways. She will use the data we present her to make sure the library is usable for years to come.

Plan, Design & Improve
To complete the project you will work through the class activities in the library and in the classroom to learn everything you will need about place value to make your presentation to Mrs. Beruman.

You will work with a partner to complete your project in 30Hands. Your project will included at least 6 slides showing her how many books were on your shelf in many different ways. (standard form, model it with tens and ones in at least 2 different ways, expanded form, on a number line, and we will tell her how many she would have if we added 10 to her shelf or if she moved 10 from her shelf)

We will present our projects to Mrs. Beruman. Use the following rubric to make sure you are earning the grade you want on your project.


Group Work
Did not work with your partner
Worked some with your
Helped your partner
most of the time
Worked equally with your

Expanded Form
Did not include a expanded form in your presentation
Had expanded form but both the tens and ones were incorrect.
Had expanded form but either the tens or ones was incorrect.
expanded form is complete and correct.

Tens and Ones Blocks
Did not complete the tens and ones section in presentation
Completed only 1 way to make the number in tens and ones.
Completed 2 ways to make the number in tens and ones. But one of the ways is incorrect.
Both examples of tens and ones show the number correctly.

Number Line
Did not include a number line slide in presentation.
Included a number line but did not have any anchor numbers labeled.
Included a number line and anchor numbers but the number of books was in the wrong place.
Included a number line and is correct.

10 more & 10 less
Did not include a 10 more & 10 less slide in presentation.
Included the slide but only told her about one or the other.
Included the slide and had both but one was incorrect.
Included the slide and it is correct.