First Thanksgiving Project

We are going to have a Thanksgiving feast soon. We need to learn all about the first Thanksgiving. We will do this so we can inform our parents of real facts about the event. That way they will know the difference between the facts and holiday traditions that have evolved over the years. We will research:

Why did they have the first feast?
What did they eat at the first feast?
What was it like to be a pilgrim child?
What did the pilgrims wear?
What was it like to travel on the Mayflower?
What did the Pilgrims learn from Squanto?
What was it like at the first Thanksgiving?
What did they do for fun at the feast?

You will be working in groups to research the topics then we will make an ibook with the information to show your parents. We need to do this so the parents will not be confused about the real facts of the first Thanksgiving.

You will need to work through the following project to learn more about the pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. Then your groups will be given a topic and you will do some additional research on that topic so you can then write that section of the book for the parents.

Research Project
The Pilgrim's Journey on the Mayflower

Arriving at Plymouth

The Daily Life of a Pilgrim

The Thanksgiving Feast

Here are some possible resources for researching your section of the book:

Click here to download the Thanksgiving ibook.