Thick and Thin Questions

A THIN question is one that can be answered with a short answer and does not require a lot of thought. For example:
"I wonder if the cat is the main character?" (yes)
"I wonder if the boy is lost?" (yes)
"I wonder if it will rain in the story?" (No)
"I wonder if Petey will save the mice?" (Yes)

Thin questions are important but they do not lead to more thinking and discussion.

A THICK question is not easily answered.
Most of the time they are WHY or HOW questions.
More thinking is needed to answer the questions than just the information given in the book.
You may even need to talk with others about the answers.

Look at these poster for help.

You and your partner will get a list of questions from the teacher. You will need to cut out the questions take pictures of them and sort them as "THIN" or "THICK" questions in educreations or popplet.

When you feel you are an expert you will read any book you want. You are your partner will record your before, during and after questions on stickies, educreations, or popplet and then you will make a poster with Thin and Thick on the top. You will need to sort all of your questions. When you are finished you will move on to the next section of the project. If you need help look at the example below.

photo 1.JPG