Character Traits

Now that we have read the books by Robert Munsch I started to wonder why an author would use the same character in so many of their books. The more I thought about it the more I realized it was because they must really like the character they created. Then I thought what makes a character likeable? Well the way they act, the things they say, and the things they do. Well, I know these are all traits of the character. Then I thought if I learned enough about character traits could I write books with my favorite character and make them have the same traits as the author does. You are going to spend the next couple of weeks learning about character traits by completing the following activities in the order they appear below. When you are finished, you are going to write a new story about your favorite character from a series.


Character Traits for You

Flat and Round Characters

Traits of a Character

Character Traits Feelings

Character Traits Actions

Character Traits Dialogue

Character Traits Real People

Character Traits that Change Over Time

Inferring Character Traits with Textual Proof

Comparing Character Traits

Final Project